What is the issue?​

Every day 22 veterans complete suicide according to the VA. Many more try. The current treatments for PTSD and chronic pain are not comprehensive enough for our veterans. They are committing suicide and/or overdosing on prescribed medications at rates that are double or triple the non veteran population. 

What is our answer?

Alternative therapies! We arm our veterans with the tools they need to successfully beat whatever is holding them back from being the best they can be! Our educational program includes alternative and traditional medical therapy, equine therapy, service dog assistance, chiropractic care, scholarships and more! If it's a tool that can help save a life, we will help our veterans learn to use it.


Project 4- 22's mission is to raise awareness that 22 veterans complete suicide daily and to help form veteran communities to prevent suicide; while examining the role of alternative medicines in reversing this epidemic.


How can I help?
Donate, volunteer, and spread the word!


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